Cherry Kitchen Cabinets For Function And Fashion

Cherry kitchen cabinets successfully portray a sense of warmth and comfort. These look very classy because the material is rich in color and luster. You also may be glad to know that there are other benefits that come with choosing cherry to work with. You get the best of both worlds in making your kitchen fashionable and functional at the same time.

Cherry has several advantages which make beautiful and solid kitchen cabinets. Wood is a natural material so you can easily present it without having to add accessories and accents. The grain and color are enough to depict a very soothing and calm environment reminiscent of seasonal growth and weather conditions. In addition, there are swirls, mineral streaks, pinholes, pitch pockets and natural colors that bring out the cabinet on its own. A good thing to do would be to sand the wood then add finish to create a rich patina.

Black cherry can come from various sources but some of the best are from West Virginia. Observe the grain. It is recommended to have finely textured, close and gently weaving grain. You can also pick from several colors depending on your main color theme. The wood itself may present various other unique colors that make a very attractive symphony such as brown, gold, green and pink. Cherry heartwood is one of the main strengths of the material since it darkens and becomes richer in color as ultraviolet light interacts with the presence of oxygen in the wood. Over time, you will notice the patina getting richer.

Cherry look best in traditional and country style kitchen since its grain is subtler than most hardwoods. The sapwood may appear as creamy white while the heartwood can come in rich red or brown plus some streak, knot and pinhole variations. Medium or dark finishes are best to bring out the heartwood.

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